Is it possible to cancel a taxi reservation?

Canceling a taxi reservation in France is not so complex, depending on the company with which you made the reservation, since they have different conditions established by themselves.

There are companies that in order to cancel a reservation you have to notify the taxi driver in advance so he will not pick you up; however you must bear in mind that the reservation of a taxi is binding. Before each reservation you will receive a message with the question Are you sure you need a taxi? Incorrect use of the applications can lead to a blocking of the account for the service in the future, which means that it has contradictions.

There are other companies where requesting a cancellation of the service involves a number of processes, such as filling out a previously subscribed form indicating the reason for cancellation, either by email or by sending a corresponding postcard with 3 days of cancellation. anticipation, in addition a service cancellation fee will apply, more than 2 days before the transfer, 5% of the total price; the day before the transfer, 50% of the total price and if the cancellation is made on the day of the transfer, there is no refund, which means that if we have a doubt, in full definition we should not book taxis with this company, to avoid losses.

In which if we must make our reservations are in which we can cancel without any additional cost, taking into account that we have up to 12 hours in advance to cancel the service, because if we do not do it with 12 hours in advance, we will not have our refund correspondent.

There are instances that are rare in which the company cancels the service, and although it is not common to happen, the action of the company is to communicate with another company that can provide the service at no additional cost, with the only warning that when doing this, they are completely separated from the contractor of the service.

Companies where the full amount of the service will be charged on the credit card in the following cases:

  • If the client don´t show up at the established collection point.
  • If the client don´t communicate the cancellation of the service.
  • If the client does not communicate to the corresponding emergency number for eventual last-minute changes (which must be accepted by the operator)
  • If the client does not communicate to the corresponding emergency number for eventual cancellations of last minute.

The objective of providing this service is for the client not to cancel the reservation, but in the future to renew said service with it, its main objective will always be to retain it, although there are certain rights of the travelers that protect them from transactions carried out to which they are asked for an annulment where they briefly explain when you have the right to a refund if they do not have a response from the company.

A service that for years has proven to bear fruit and generate income for so many workers in the medium prefers to charge less than to be canceled, since the competition is broad and most prices are very competitive, everyone decides with which company to travel and book a taxi, whether you go to the airport or come to visit such a beautiful country, the taxi service offers you a unique experience in your guild.

Why cancel the taxi service?

When hiring the service on the road there may be variations whether the passenger changes his mind or the flight is canceled, which will not allow him to reach the promised time, there are many variables, but the most common could be:

That the flight has been delayed and the passenger arrives later, which will generate a loss for the same because the taxi driver only waited an hour at the most and that in many occasions the taxi is not obliged to do it, in other occasions it is the taxi who delays what generates discomfort to the passenger and this is in all his right to request a refund of 20% for the wait.

If we decide to cancel a taxi, this should be well justified, and when we say why cancel a taxi, we say that it is being canceled due to the events that occur before the arrival, only this way it will be able to be reimbursed, Anticipated.

How to avoid charges for taxi cancellation?

As mentioned earlier, avoiding a charge for early cancellation is of the utmost importance since it generates savings instead of loss, how do we achieve this ?, by carrying out the appropriate procedures requested by the company where I make my reservation or not making a reservation until I am not sure to make the trip. Most companies that offer this service ask you at least two days of early cancellation to avoid the famous surcharges.

For both parties it can be frustrating that a cancellation of the service is made, for the user since he will have to look for another means if the company does not look for one and for the taxi company since it is a lost client and time that could have been used to find a better candidate for the service offered

What else should we know whether or not to cancel a taxi service, can it be canceled? If it can be canceled, will there be surcharges for canceling it? Not if you make the advance management. Can you cancel your accounts in the future to obtain the service? If we make a ml use of the applications Yes.

On many occasions, canceling said service can affect traffic, since the mobile operator must wait for his passengers to arrive to be able to move from one place to another, in the same way we can confirm that most of the companies that provide the service, they are obliged not to require the driver to stop the traffic for a long time since their income will depend on it, but also on them the good service they provide to the passenger depends on them. There are taxi drivers who are very impatient at the time of having to wait for the passenger so they get bored and leave giving a bad image of the company.

Canceling it requires only 3 simple steps, the first being sure you want to cancel it, the second checking if you are in the time established by the company to perform the corresponding management and avoid charges, and the third when it is already canceled verify if it was done the corresponding refund.

Moving to another point that is very important at the time of making the reservation we find the following;

The guild of French taxi drivers has staged numerous demonstrations against this type of platform, since they are required a greater number of obligations than private drivers. While the city councils establish a limited number of taxis, there are no limits for the VTC, which in order to work only need to pass an exam and a series of controls to receive a permit in the police prefecture.

Their administrative fees do not exceed 200 euros, compared to more than 100,000 that are paid in the market for the purchase and sale of taxi licenses.

The French Government is preparing a legislative amendment aimed at platforms such as Uber to offer minimum working conditions and reduce the precariousness of its workers.

What makes the competition increase and that the cancellations are due to the different favorable prices that these other companies provide.

Thousands of tourists make cancellations every day due to the prices that other companies offer, now this is a very particular issue since when a passenger cancels and makes this reservation with another company but then someone else provides a cheaper service, this could be penalized to no longer use this type of applications that allow you to move from one place to another from anywhere because you will not be a secure client and you can do the same not only with one but with several companies, causing them loss of time, valuable time that could occupy for another person who really needs the service, remember again before making any kind of reservation we should think what to do before these events, we will avoid a number of problems the most important, economic losses in the amount of poorly made cancellations.

The positive:

Something very positive that many taxi companies offer is the opportunity to make a pre-reservation through the different applications in the world which allows the user to receive a verification email without any commitment to take or not said service which will avoid you the fatigue of doing so much protocol to make a taxi reservation that you would not use at the end, protecting your status, your accounts in other companies to avoid blockages, and the fact that you could carry less cargo with the company because you would not be directly linked according to the policies that this gives you and the benefits that as such will be very useful not only at the moment but also in the future.

The demand for transport is quite broad and there are many options, such demand can be defined as the willingness to pay that consumers have to make use of a service. This willingness to pay, which reflects the assessment made by users of these services, is obtained from their preferences on different characteristics of them compared to other services that may be purchased; it could also be defined as the amount of service that is desired buy for each price. Along with these determinants of aggregate transport demand, there is another group of factors that determine the specific demand of one mode of transport versus another.

The companies always ask their users for a strict control of their management, each step to follow from contacting the company until they are picked up, any recommendation is mentioned from the first contact, companies say they are honest and reliability to its users, although many complain about the service to ask for a refund, others give good reviews of the work done by the driver, in the same way every finding has its procedures, in different areas of it.

As for the way to access the service, the cost of the user is almost the same as if you hire the service on the street or through a radio station or using a taxi stop the minimum variation between one way and another, it goes to depend on the time it takes the user to access the service. In the driver’s costs, these reflect a negative value, which means that the driver has benefits from the activity of the taxi exercise since the fewer vehicles offered; the higher his productivity will be for the same level of demand.

To culminate we must understand that you can make several types of reservations, such as ordinary transfers, transport service with luxury elegant taxis what for that the conditions at the time of making a cancellation are more protocol than result, likewise The place of the passenger’s recollection will depend a lot on the cancellation fee because if we as passengers have to pick us up at a considerable distance and notify us one hour in advance, we will not receive the corresponding refund. can give, but we must always take into account the type of service we had hired and we want to cancel, we have to be aware of everything of everything, since the taxi starts its journey until it reaches its destination, which in this case It would be where we meet.

For all the above, it would be ideal that in France find the perfect company to make our reservation by performing the corresponding filters and reviewing the conditions that each company offers its users and not make annoying cancellations that could cost us a lot of money.